Leak Detection

Leak Detection

We aren’t just your average plumbers – we are also one of South Australia’s most trusted leak detection experts. We have accurately detected and repaired hundreds of water and gas leaks in all areas of South Australia. We use the latest cutting edge technology to accurately find and repair leaks, avoiding unnecessary property damage and in-turn, lowering repair costs to our customers.

Insurance water damage reporting

Plumbify works hand in hand with many of the major insurance companies and remedial builders in South Australia. We believe that providing a service on behalf of an insurance company/builder is not to be taken lightly. We understand that as experts in leak detection, we are an integral part of the claim process and are a direct reflection of each insurance representative we work on behalf of. This is why we always strive for a 5 business day turn-around on all water damage investigations and present ourselves with the utmost professionalism at all times.

In our relentless quest to improve our service and communication, we have developed an online client portal for all commercial customers. This can be used to track job progress from your end, and we use it to ensure you are always kept informed every step of the way. No more phone calls to find out if the client has been contacted, or when the job is booked for. You’ll be kept in the loop all the way from first customer contact, through to job completion.

Services to Plumbers

At Plumbify we are passionate about the plumbing industry. We enjoy working side by side with our fellow plumbing compatriots to achieve the outcomes desired by our customers. You can engage us to find water and gas leaks for you to repair, we can find and expose leaks, or we can offer a full service of finding, exposing and repairing.

We respect the relationship between you and your customer so our aim is always to be seen as an asset to your business. Together we’ll get the job done right – the first time. Hydrogen tracer gas Our Hydrogen tracer gas equipment is the pride of our leak detection fleet. We use a non-hazardous, non-flammable and completely safe mixture of 5% Hydrogen in 95% Nitrogen to inject into the leaking pipework. We can then detect the Hydrogen leaking from the pipe using special Hydrogen detection equipment. Hydrogen is the preferred method of leak detection as it can be used to detect and pinpoint the smallest of leaks with great accuracy. Hydrogen is the smallest atom and lightest gas on earth, which gives it particular properties that are useful in detecting leaks. Hydrogen can penetrate concrete, bricks, tiles, screed, pavers and mortar – almost anything.

Hydrogen Tracer Gas

We are one of the only plumbing companies in Adelaide who have invested in to Hydrogen Tracer Gas technology which we use to find even the smallest of water or gas leaks. Our Sewerin Hydrogen Tracer Gas system is able to pinpoint the smallest and most difficult to find leaks in almost any situation. We have been using this technology for many years now and the results speak for themselves. You can see some of the unbelievable results for yourself on our Facebook and Instagram pages.

Acoustic Listening Technology

We use the latest Sewerin acoustic technology to find water leaks by listening to the noise made by the water or gas escaping the pipe. Acoustic technology is proficient in finding large water leaks above 2 litres per minute. We often use acoustic technology to confirm the location of leaks we have found using other methods and equipment to further increase our accuracy of detection.

Thermal imaging

Our FLIR thermal imaging cameras (TIC’s) are used to pinpoint leaks in hot or cold water pipes in walls and underground. They can also be used to determine what areas have been affected by moisture ingress not visible to the eye. Our TIC’s can accurately trace hot and cold pipework in brick walls. This allows wall chasing to be carried out safely and water points to be cut into existing services with ease.

Gas leak detection

With the use of our tracer gas detection technology, coupled with our ability to trace hidden pipework in walls or underground, we can pinpoint even the smallest of gas leaks. Saving you the hassle and expense of repairing large or multiple areas of your property.
We offer a complete service with the ability to repair leaks on the spot. This avoids having to use a number of trades and minimises costs.

CCTV Camera Inspections

Our CCTV cameras are used to inspect sewer and stormwater pipes for leaks. Stormwater or sewer leaks can cause severe damage to property and can go undetected for years. We use CCTV cameras to take photos or videos of pipework which can then be used to compile a full report on the condition of your pipework and cause of property damage.

Roof leak detection and reporting

We regularly conduct leak detection testing on roofs to determine the cause and pinpoint the area of water ingress throughout residential and commercial properties. Our thermal imaging cameras can be used to pinpoint the areas of water ingress and also to pinpoint areas of damage that are not visible to the naked eye. Whilst onsite we can compile a full Water Damage Investigation report which can be forwarded to your insurance company/builder for claims processing.



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